Dried Mango Recipes

When I need a snack, dried mangoes are my go-to.

With a great flavor profile and slight chewiness, they’re everything that I want in a dried fruit.

This doesn’t mean I only love mangoes when they’re on their own. Fresh and dried mangoes can be included in a variety of dishes. 

If you’ve never cooked with this fruit before, having dried mangoes handy is a great way to spice up muffins, cakes, and even salads.

They add a unique flavor profile and will make your dishes stand out. 

If you’ve never tried cooking with dried mangoes before, here’s your chance. 

I’ve collected 10 of my favorite recipes. Hope you enjoy!

Easy & Delicious Dried Mango Recipes

These are some of my favorite ways to use up dried mango! It's not just a healthy snack (though I love me some mango chips!). You can use them in muffins, salads, and more.

And here’s the video tutorial:


Want to dry mangoes yourself? Learn how to dry them in the sun >>>

Also, I LOVE a good mango candy! Check out this sweet recipe:



You certainly don’t have to make them all but why not try a few of them? Most are fairly simple and can be made in just an hour or two!



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