Best Dried Lavender Recipes

Oh how I love the smell of a fresh lavender plant growing. Not only is it beautiful, it has sooo many uses. 

I love that lavender can be used for cooking, self-care, and just decoration on its own. It’s probably one of the most versatile plants I have in my garden. 

When I started drying and using my own lavender, I was amazed at how versatile it was. 

Now, I make sure to grow extra each year so I have plenty on hand to use for whatever I want. 

Tips for Cooking with Lavender Leaves

Although you might not have realized this, the leaves of lavender can also be used. They contain essential oils and are often used in baking for savory dishes.

My preferred use for baking with the leaves is to use them with an herbs de provence seasoning. They can also be substituted for rosemary in a number of recipes. 

The only recommendation that I would have is that the leaves can have a strong flavor so make sure to grind them well if you’re using them in dry rubs and seasoning mixes. 

It may also be a good idea to use the leaves as an infusion and strain out before using. You’ll get all the flavor you need without having to worry about biting into a mouthful of lavender. 

Using Dried Lavender for Baking: My Advice

Although lavender can be overpowering if you use too much, it’s a great addition in baked goods. 

My primary piece of advice is to use it with other flavors. Lavender pairs well with light flavors like lemon, honey, and mint. 

When I use dried lavender in recipes, I soak it in full fat milk for a half hour. This pre-baking step hydrates the lavender and makes it easier for the flavor to infuse into the cake or bread. 

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I’ve also learned that lavender works best as an accompanying flavor rather than the primary one. 

This means making sure that I use the appropriate amount. It’s easy to use too much dried lavender but make sure to half the amount of fresh if substituting.

Best Dried Lavender Recipes

To rehydrate dried lavender in these recipes, simply soak in water or full fat milk for a half hour. The flavor is subtle yet oh so delightful!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I harvest lavender for cooking?

The best time to harvest lavender is to clip the flowers right after they open in early spring. Make sure that you harvest from an area where pesticides aren’t used.

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