Welcome! My name is Quinn – aka the Dried Foodie

My obsession with dried foods began when I wanted to save a little money on trail mix for my kids. We’re a whole foods only family, so groceries can get a little expensive.

I started making my own snacks instead of store-bought by mixing individual dried fruits, nuts, dehydrated vegetables, and seeds.

From there, I moved to beans. Then herbs. Then, well, the rest is history! I was hooked 😉

I could never have imagined though how truly significant my newfound “dried food obsession” would be…

You see, about 9 months after I discovered dehydrated foods, my family of 5 fell on hard times.

Like, REALLY hard times.

But guess what? We were able to survive off my dried goods stash for almost 6 months! With just a little bit spent on meats and fresh produce.

It allowed us to eat well and use what we would have spent on groceries to keep that roof over our heads and our lights on.

Now we’re in a better place, and I experiment weekly with dried fruits and such. The possibilities are endless!

So DriedFoodie has become the place where I post recipes, record tutorials for how to dry certain things, share my storage tips, and more!

Once you discover the convenience, flavor, and shelf-stable security of dried foods, I think you’ll be as excited as I am!


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